How to choose your isothermal
packaging for shipment?

boîte isotherme - isothermal box
Despite the fact that conventional boxes can be used to deliver a wide range of goods, they cannot be used to deliver items that are subject to temperature variations, such as food or medications.

Companies that operate in either of these industries will require a packaging option, such as the isothermal box, that can maintain the product’s temperature during transportation.

Here is a brief summary of the numerous factors to consider when picking an isothermal box for shipment.

Isothermal packaging for shipment: the criteria to consider


The first factor to take into account when selecting an isothermal shipping box is the required storage temperature for the delivered goods. Too high or too low of a temperature could harm the storage of goods during transportation and render them unfit for consumption.

Although a temperature difference is typically acceptable, it is crucial to know the required storage temperature in order to select an isothermal box for the intended shipment. You must therefore decide whether your products should be delivered:

Duration and transportation conditions

Finding out how much time will be required to ship the goods or food is important as well. The kind of isothermal packaging suggested will, in fact, depend on the shipping time needed.

It should be noted that the kind of isothermal packaging for shipment that will be recommended will depend on the mode of transport employed and the level of safety provided to the goods during the shipment period.

Preparing the isothermal packaging for shipment

An effective isothermal packaging typically needs to be prepared before use. Indeed , the briquettes that are a crucial component of this kind of packaging will need to be prepared. Simply put, you’ll need to make sure you have the necessary tools before you start (freezer or refrigerator).

In addition, only trained personnel should be able to prepare isothermal packaging. In this regard, appropriate training should be offered to personnel.

Size of the packaging

In order to select the proper isothermal packaging for shipping and delivery, just like with conventional packaging, it is critical to be aware of the size and dimensions of the delivered product.

The volume of goods to deliver

It is essential to know how many items will be delivered in order to select the appropriate packaging for shipping. Why should you ask? The product’s performance will be better if the box is fully filled, for no other reason than that. This essential guideline must be followed in order to experience maximum efficiency. The good news is that this method also saves money on shipping because fewer boxes are needed if your calculations are correct.
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