Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Custom-made and at no additional cost, our corrugated cardboard boxes will be delivered in the quantity and dimensions requested. There’s nothing better than personalized service and products! Take look at our corrugated cardboard boxes!

The corrugated cardboard box, the all-purpose packaging!

From the creation to the printing of your cardboard boxes, our facilities and expertise allow us to offer incomparable service tailored to your needs. Whether it’s for on-demand corrugated cardboard box service or a large production, the research and development department will be able to recommend the best options.

What is a corrugated cardboard box?

Despite the simplistic, even trivial view we have of boxes, several possibilities are available to you: regular box, die-cut box, overlapped box, five-panel envelope, half-box, and “tray pad”. As a box factory, we do all these…

Enjoy the many benefits of the cardboard box!

It’s important to know that there are different grades of cardboard. Depending on the product to be packaged, we can direct you to the right protection product or packaging boxes. You will find more details about these grades in the sheets section.

Our on-demand cardboard box service is fast and lets you order the exact amount you need for each of your products. No minimum order is required on corrugated boxes! Compared with our large-quantity production service, our on-demand boxes can’t be printed, but the production time is less. For their part, large-production boxes let you print your logo and handling information, and use your colors to ensure additional visibility.

The LM Packaging team will make sure to offer you as many options as possible in connection with your realities, goals, and supply constraints. Whether it’s fast, on-demand service, or large quantities, we will be pleased to find the right solution with our custom-size boxes!

FAQ about Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

What is a corrugated cardboard box?

A corrugated cardboard box is a sturdy packaging material made from corrugated paperboard. It’s designed to provide extra strength and protection, making it ideal for shipping and storing various items.

While both are made from paper materials, a corrugated cardboard box has a fluted layer sandwiched between two flat layers, providing added durability. In contrast, a regular cardboard box, often referred to as a carton box, is typically made from a single layer of thick paper or card.

Yes, at LM Packaging, we offer custom-made corrugated cardboard boxes tailored to your specific dimensions and design preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for your products.

We offer a variety of boxes, including the regular cardboard box, die-cut box, overlapped box, five-panel envelope, half-box, and “tray pad.” Each type serves a unique purpose and offers different benefits.

Absolutely! For large-production orders, we offer printing services where you can have your logo, handling information, and brand colors printed on the boxes for enhanced visibility.

There are different grades of cardboard available. Depending on the product you wish to package, our team can guide you to the most suitable protective carton box or packaging solution.

No, we pride ourselves on our on-demand cardboard box service, which means no minimum order is required. Whether you need a few boxes or thousands, we’ve got you covered.


Designed for shipping products that are sensitive to temperature changes.

Cardboard blocks are a perfect substitute for the strength of wood and the flexibility of polystyrene.

Whether it’s to support the weight of your products, protect them, or fill a gap… 

Cardboard corner protectors are the perfect protection to save time, space, handling, and money.

Strong and durable, in addition to offering you visibility on your job sites.

Cardboard sheets will let you add suitable protection to your products.

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Ideal for thin and fragile products, U-channel can also be turned into a display.

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