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Packaging solutions – Specialized in furniture packaging solutions since 1992, LM Packaging is the perfect cardboard manufacturer for you! Whether for corners, sheets or boxes, we guarantee a simplified packaging for a maximum protection!

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Furniture and cabinets? Bring them on! Our company came to life to supply a furniture manufacturer and we have never stopped maturing our expertise ever since. Whether it is through our unique products or techniques, there is a LM solution for you!

In recent years, consumers have taken on the “online shopping” turn, which has completely changed the sales cycle and consequently the way to ship products.
This new direct sale process has quickly led manufacturers to review packaging for shipment by the unit. Mainly shipped via UPS, FedEx or Purolator, direct shipment to consumers requires extra protection without ideally increasing packaging costs.
In the furniture and cabinets industry, several criteria are to be taken into consideration, mainly the weight, the surface, the corners and the edges protection.
Switching from a multiple to a single packaging, we have developed a protection packaging to preserve the product, reduce returns thus satisfy our customers’ clientele.

By using a combination of our products such as a box, V-kings and U-Channels, we are convinced to offer you maximum protection. In addition, thanks to our advisor service, you will not have to worry about taking measurements. Simply send us your criteria for developing your packaging, your current packaging costs and send us your product. Our team will then analyze, evaluate, design, produce and test the designed packaging. Once we reached our goal, LM Packaging will ship your product in your personalised packaging as a final test for approval. Our mission is not only to deliver a winning solution, but to meet your expectations and more!

Corrugated cardboard protection is the perfect green furniture packaging solution for the cabinets industry. Sturdy, flexible, recycled and recyclable, the possibilities are endless! Whether it is for overseas, interplant shipment or to any other destination, we have the protection knowledge and expertise. We also take into consideration all the details such as customs standards or disposition concerns of the material. We do not neglect anything. LM Packaging has the equipment, but especially the expertise to offer you THE winning solution!

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