Cabinet and Furniture Packaging
Holds No Secrets for Us

Our company emerged to supply a furniture manufacturer, and we’ve never stopped improving our expertise in this field. Our teams are constantly looking for new furniture packaging solutions to meet your needs. Whether it’s our products or our unique techniques, there’s an LM solution for you!

Furniture packaging: the challenge of fragility

In the furniture, cabinet, and woodworking field, the merchandise is often very fragile. We know how important it is for your customer to receive a perfectly intact product. When designing furniture packaging, we therefore carefully analyze the surfaces, corners, edges, and weight of your product to design packaging that will protect your furniture. Over the years, we’ve developed furniture packaging that maximizes protection and thereby reduces returns and refunds. Our clients’ customers are beyond satisfied!

Turnkey furniture packaging design

Thanks to our consulting service, you won’t have to rack your brains taking measurements. You just have to provide us with your criteria for developing the desired furniture packaging product, your current packaging cost, and send us your product. Our team will then evaluate, design, produce, and subject the packaging product to compliance testing. Once the furniture packaging is finished, LM will ship your product in your customized packaging as a final test for approval. Our mission is not only to deliver a winning solution, but to meet your expectations, and more!

Our 100%-recycled and 100%-recyclable furniture packaging

Furniture packaging may require a large amount of cardboard. LM Packaging cares about the environment and uses 100%-recycled and 100%-recyclable cardboard. Corrugated cardboard protection is therefore the perfect eco-friendly solution for the furniture, cabinet, and woodworking industry. Strong, flexible, recycled, and recyclable, the possibilities are endless with our packaging products! Whether it’s for an overseas shipment, between factories, or any other destination, we have the knowledge and the expertise when it comes to protection.

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