The Cardboard Packaging
Manufacturing Specialist

LM Packaging is THE cardboard packaging manufacturer. In addition to our years of experience, our facilities and our high production capacity allow us not only to manufacture unique packaging solutions, but also to make products in your image. Specializing in both corrugated and honeycomb cardboard packaging manufacturing, our team is capable of manufacturing products that will best meet your protection needs.

Personalized cardboard packaging manufacturing

LM Packaging, now an expert in all types of cardboard packaging manufacturing, first specialized in corner protectors and corrugated cardboard boxes. Thanks to the innovative spirit and expertise of its employees, the company gradually developed other products, such as U-channel, blocks, door protectors, brick mouldings, pallets, honeycomb cardboard, and the Arctic box. All the products developed can easily be customized during our cardboard packaging manufacturing process.

The cutting edge of technology for cardboard packaging manufacturing

LM Packaging has its own equipment for manufacturing honeycomb cardboard packaging. Its state-of-the-art facilities make LM Packaging the most successful manufacturer in Canada for this type of product. Also featuring the latest advances in cardboard processing and panel cutting, we have positioned ourselves, in just a few years, as the leader in the packaging industry.

Just-in-time cardboard packaging manufacturing

LM Packaging offers all its cardboard packaging services just in time. This means that the products are manufactured when we receive the order, within 7 to 15 business days maximum. Thanks to our cutting-edge equipment, we can produce your order quickly. Whether it’s a traditional packaging product or a custom product, we will deliver everything you need for your packaging when you need it. That way, you can reduce the storage costs for your packaging products.

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