Protect Your Products
with the Arctic Box

Whether they’re frozen, sensitive to temperature changes, or simply fresh, your products will be protected thanks to our isothermal Arctic box. Unique on the market thanks to its recyclable properties, our specialized cardboard combination offers you many advantages. Call on the experts in specialized packaging to ensure that your goods reach their destination in perfect condition.

Adapt your Arctic box according to your needs

As a honeycomb cardboard manufacturer, LM Packaging is equipped and has the expertise to meet all your needs. Like all the packaging solutions offered by LM Packaging, the dimensions and resistance are determined and chosen according to your criteria. Single or double corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, special coatings, cell sizes, multiple assemblies, and cuts are all components that we can adapt to match your use. Truly customized isothermal packaging is more accessible than you might think.

A 100%-recyclable Arctic box

Like you and your customers, we care about the environment and protecting it. This is why we’ve developed a cardboard combination that allows us to deliver a 100%-recyclable product. Unlike what can be found elsewhere on the market, our isothermal Arctic box is designed without any plastic film. This is a competitive advantage that will make your customers happy! Our 100%-recyclable isothermal packaging products remain customizable. We can integrate your logos and your brand’s colours during design to provide you with isothermal packaging solutions in your image.

Contact our team of specialists

Do you have projects in mind? Do you need a custom development? Contact us! We’re always looking for new challenges, and we will be able to offer you an optimal solution. As cardboard packaging suppliers in Canada for over 25 years, we’ve been able to develop extensive expertise in cardboard packaging design over the years. Whether it’s to design Arctic boxes or other types of packaging, our research and development department works tirelessly to develop custom solutions.

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