The Arctic Box:
Our fully Recyclable Insulated box

Impress your customers with our Arctic box specifically intended for food products. Its unique design allows it to withstand temperature changes and keeps your foods in perfect condition. In addition, our isothermal and insulated box is fully recyclable, which makes it a unique product on the market!

What our insulated box offers

Tested in various conditions, the insulated box is designed for shipping products that are sensitive to temperature changes, such as prepared foods, fruits and vegetables, smoothies, meat, and more! Acting like a Thermos, the Arctic box is made up of three separate parts for maximum protection: the corrugated cardboard box, as well as two insulating pieces made from honeycomb cardboard. In addition to being fully recyclable, this insulated packaging has been thought out and designed to ensure quality delivery until its destination.

An eco-friendly and effective insulated box

Our isothermal and insulated box is the only one in its category that doesn’t require any handling to be recycled. Unlike other isothermal boxes available on the market, our product is designed and manufactured completely from 100%-recycled and recyclable materials without its insulating properties being affected. Like a real cooler, the Arctic box will keep your products cool during transport by express courier. Our standard formats ensure a short delivery time and allow a large amount of food to be inserted.

Our box, your image

Are you looking for an isothermal box that can be customized according to your brand image? We can design a custom packaging model for you that will meet your shipping needs. When designing your custom box, we will take into account:

Our high-end insulation made from honeycomb cardboard allows us to design a box that is tailored to your needs without compromising its insulating properties. Our Arctic box can be customized through printing and can therefore be an attractive marketing tool for you.

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