U-Channel: The Ideal Cardboard
Packaging for Your Products

Our U-shaped products are versatile and resistant protection tools. Simple to use and delivered in the requested measurements, U-channel cardboard is essential for the packaging of fragile merchandise. It is also available in 2 other variations: U-Kings and pre-cut.

What is U-channel?

U-channel cardboard packaging was first developed to protect glasses. Covering the edges of your products, U-channel cardboard provides maximum protection from impacts. From the smallest fragile items to large, heavy pieces of wood or metal, U-channel cardboard can withstand impressive loads! In addition to its extremely stiff walls, it can be covered with foam inside to protect more fragile surfaces. Despite its great stiffness, U-channel cardboard also offers incomparable flexibility up to 180 degrees to match the shapes of your unique product.

The usefulness of this cardboard packaging:

U-channel cardboard is a U-shaped piece of protection that can be manufactured in the dimensions and thickness you need. Whether it’s for inter-factory transport, individual packaging for online sales, an overseas shipment, in bulk, or on pallets, U-channel cardboard can be part of the packaging solution that we offer you.

The expertise that we have acquired over the years lets us offer packaging solutions that allow for improved packaging times, fewer returns, decreased breakage, a lower number of items required per package (SKU), reduced handling, and optimized labour.

And what is a U-King?

The U-King is one of the inventions created by LM Packaging to facilitate the inventory management of its clients. With its puzzle-shaped cut-out patented by LM Packaging, the U-King is a form of U-channel cardboard that lets you create a perfect corner in just a few seconds. The U-King can also be left as is to form a complete protective bar cut to the desired length thanks to practical pre-cuts. You can simplify your operations and reduce your inventories of corners and protective bars by replacing them with a single product. Their ease of use and handling also helps reduce the labour time required on your packaging line. This product is especially appreciated in the glass industry.

Whatever product you have to protect or your business challenges, LM Packaging promises to be innovative in order to create your perfect and personalized solution!

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