Our Cardboard Box Design Service

LM Packaging is a specialist in cardboard box design. Our facilities allow us not only to manufacture unique products, but also to create packaging that respects your brand image. We also design cardboard packaging and various accessories, such as corner protectors, blocks, pallets, and lightweight panels—everything you need to package your merchandise!

Cardboard box design tailored to your needs

Whatever the nature of your product, our team has over 25 years of experience in cardboard box design. Unique shapes, non-standard weights, and size restrictions are all challenges to which we have found solutions. LM Packaging also manufactures its own honeycomb cardboard, which allows us to offer our clients a wider variety of thicknesses and dimensions. We can design a packaging solution from your existing packaging, your technical drawings, or simply the product to be packaged. Each design process concludes with efficiency testing to ensure that our custom packaging adequately protects your product.

Our research and development team in cardboard box design

To optimize your packaging, take advantage of the know-how of our research and development team in cardboard box design. They can develop a packaging product according to the product to be packaged and the type of shipping required. In addition to developing the best packaging products, our team can support you in improving your current packaging process. Thanks to their expertise, they will be able to help you save time, materials, storage space, and maybe even significant costs. When was the last time you optimized your packaging methods?

Eco-friendly cardboard packaging design

Our innovative spirit allows us to stay on the lookout for new materials and to always push our limits of development in terms of cardboard packaging design. The cardboard products that we offer are an attractive replacement for styrofoam, due both to their increased protective qualities and their ecological footprint. Take advantage of our cardboard box design services to receive an effective, eco-friendly packaging product tailored to your needs.

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