Our Honeycomb Cardboard Solutions

Are you looking for protection or a way to fill empty spaces while respecting certain weight constraints? Allow us to teach you more about honeycomb cardboard. Honeycomb cardboard offers excellent protection for your products, and it will prevent them from getting damaged by friction during shipping. Its lightness offers maximum protection without increasing shipping costs. This is an eco-friendly, lightweight, easy-to-handle packaging product that offers great resistance while reducing your costs. It deserves to be known! 

What is honeycomb cardboard?

Its name makes it clear: the composition of honeycomb cardboard is reminiscent of the structure of a beehive. The shape of the air cells in honeycomb cardboard serves to increase the resistance of the packaging without increasing its weight. When shipping your merchandise, you want to reduce shipping costs while maximizing the protection of your products. The products designed from honeycomb cardboard by LM Packaging offer you the best of both worlds.

Technical characteristics of our honeycomb cardboard

Assembled to form hexagonal cells, the thin sheets of cardboard are then covered with two other sheets to form layers of cardboard in the desired height. According to your needs, this height can range from 10 to 125 mm. With a 95% void ratio, honeycomb cardboard is surprisingly strong and stiff. Offering a resistance ranging from 11 to 90 PSI, it provides an excellent density-resistance ratio that allows it to be a high-protection element. Don’t be fooled by its light weight; it can be just as effective as wood!

The custom design of our honeycomb boxes

LM Packaging is committed to offering its clients unique and personalized service, as well as the best solution tailored to the protection needs of each product. We’re not just talking about providing maximum protection, but offering the ideal protection. Like our other products, honeycomb cardboard is customizable: the length, width, and height of the product can be tailored specifically to your requests. Our production flexibility allows us to work with multiple components.

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