The Corrugated Box Manufacturer in Canada

Since 1992, LM Packaging has been a constantly growing company. Its young and dynamic team stands out through its creativity and development of corrugated and honeycomb cardboard products. Whether it’s for small or large quantities, our personalized and custom packaging ideas make our company the benchmark in terms of corrugated box manufacturers. We offer a range of unique and eco-friendly products and services.

Cardboard packaging specialist for nearly 30 years

Founded in 1992 by the Jean family, LM Packaging emerged thanks to the former family furniture company, Morigeau-Lépine. 

Seeking to reduce their inventories of cardboard and packaging products and shift to a more just-in-time model, the owners of Meubles Morigeau asked their children if they wanted to take on the creation of a new company that manufactured corrugated cardboard boxes. With the help of his sister, brother, and cousins, therefore, Frédéric Jean, the young president, created LM Packaging in reference to the legal name of the family business, Lépine-Morigeau.

LM and furniture packaging

LM Packaging’s first client worked in the furniture industry, and this is what led the company to develop this first area of expertise. Over the years, the company turned to other industries and was able to progress thanks to its dynamic and innovative team. Constantly growing, LM Packaging then developed new markets, such as doors and windows, high technology, e-commerce, cardboard pallets, and finally honeycomb cardboard panels.  

Still today, and still under the leadership of the Jean family, LM Packaging can no longer count the products created and the number of clients helped throughout its history. It is therefore with pride that the company carries its slogan: Innovation, Solution, Protection. These three values and lines of thinking make LM Packaging a corrugated box manufacturer that never fails to impress!

fabricant de boite de carton - cardboard packaging manufacturer

Awards and recognitions

LM Packaging is a corrugated box manufacturer that continues to grow and shine through its community and in the cardboard packaging industry around the world. In recent years, it was awarded several prestigious prizes, including:

As the company continues to innovate, this list should get longer in the coming years. We’re proud of the awards we’ve won, and we’re waiting for your projects to demonstrate all the creativity of which our team is capable. The company continues to surpass itself and remains focused on the culture of its three values: Innovation, Solution, Protection!

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