Packaging for Doors and Windows

The door, window, and glass sector is very particular, since the products are relatively heavy and fragile. The edges of the items must be properly protected from any impact, and each protection product must adapt to different sizes, since many of them are custom-made. Our U-channel, our protectors for temporary construction site doors, and our honeycomb cardboard for the insides of doors are highly appreciated in this industry.

Furniture industry

The furniture, cabinet, and woodworking industry is the reason why LM Packaging emerged. It goes without saying that our company has developed unparalleled expertise in the packaging of these products. Our edge protectors, U-channel, and e-commerce packaging made from honeycomb cardboard are perfect for ensuring the safe arrival of your furniture at your customer’s address.

Construction industry

The construction industry often turns to corrugated or honeycomb cardboard products to provide protection during work in progress. Whether it’s cardboard sheets to protect boxes for surfaces, supplying packaging for hardwood flooring, or honeycomb cardboard for filling when shipping materials, LM Packaging’s equipment makes it possible to address many needs in this industry.

Machining, metals, and high-tech industry

In the machining and metals industry, the challenge is to adequately protect very heavy objects in non-standard shapes. It can also be to protect fragile, lightweight parts. The flexibility and strength of our packaging made from cardboard blocks with personalized cut-outs have been proven by many of our clients for the shipment of their products. Although these business sectors make up the majority of our clients, LM Packaging isn’t limited to them. Our team is always on the lookout for new challenges and ready to diversify its expertise to serve a larger manufacturing clientele.

Our other packaging products

Designed for shipping products that are sensitive to temperature changes.

Cardboard blocks are a perfect substitute for the strength of wood and the flexibility of polystyrene.

Our cardboard boxes will be delivered to you in the desired amounts and dimensions.

Whether it’s to support the weight of your products, protect them, or fill a gap… 

Cardboard corner protectors are the perfect protection to save time, space, handling, and money.

Cardboard sheets will let you add suitable protection to your products.

Ideal for the safety of your employees, cardboard pallets are durable, lightweight, and easy to handle.

Ideal for thin and fragile products, U-channel can also be turned into a display.

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