Shipping packaging that
improves protection in transport

Although it is often unattractive, shipping packaging is very important, since it provides suitable protection for your merchandise until it reaches your client. Thanks to our wide selection of shipping packaging and corrugated cardboard options, we can guide you to the right protection product while optimizing the packaging and space required.

Enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly shipping packaging

Shipping packaging must be tailored to the means of transport used and the final destination. For example, if you want to send a parcel by express mail to Europe, the packaging will have to be reinforced and eco-friendly to avoid disposal costs or being restricted by certain laws. The most impressive element of our 100%-recycled and 100%-recyclable packaging materials is the combination of flexibility and resistance. Cardboard is easily comparable to wood and polystyrene. Our equipment allows us to properly wrap your shipping supplies and—as a result—offer maximum protection while avoiding excess packaging.

Our cardboard packaging: much more than just a shipping box

Our expert advisors will recommend the ideal combination of packaging products to provide maximum protection to your merchandise with our shipping packaging. With more than 25 years of experience, LM Packaging is a master in the creation of shipping boxes. One of our most popular successes is the U-thermos. This is an adaptation of the conventional U-channel, to which we have added an additional piece of cardboard in the centre of the U. This extra layer can be thin or very thick, and it offers the “U” maximum protection from impacts. We invite you to consult all our documentation to learn more about our shipping boxes.

Cardboard shipping boxes tailored to your needs

The composition of your shipping box will be determined according to the handling that your merchandise will go through before it reaches the consumer. Don’t hesitate to submit your questions to us and specify your expectations and constraints for an exceptional result! Our research and development team makes every effort to find the best cardboard packaging solution for the specific needs of our clients.

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