E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

In recent years, consumers have shifted to “online shopping,” which has completely changed the sales cycle and—as a result—the ways that products are shipped. This new direct selling process quickly led manufacturers to adapt their packaging for e-commerce. Often performed by UPS, FedEx, or Purolator, direct-to-consumer delivery requires a significant increase in protection without increasing the packaging costs. At LM Packaging, we offer a variety of e-commerce packages that will enhance your customers’ experience. Get a free quote for all your e-commerce packaging needs.

A vast array of packaging solutions for e-commerce

For companies operating in the e-commerce sector, sustainable packaging can quickly become a source of complexity. Don’t let this puzzle put the brakes on your e-commerce activities. LM Packaging has a wide variety of eco-friendly e-commerce packaging products that can meet your needs, even if they have an increased complexity. We specialize in creating corrugated boxes made of recycled materials for a variety of industries and offer custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our team can produce e-commerce shipping boxes for you in all formats that are customized in your image. We also have a full range of high-quality protection accessories to optimize the performance of the desired packaging:

Custom e-commerce packaging design

Over the past 25 years, LM Packaging has developed expertise in custom packaging design. Your e-commerce packaging needs can be met thanks to our team of consultants. Whether your products are standard format or oversized, we can design custom e-commerce packaging that will protect your merchandise until it reaches its final destination at a more affordable cost than you might think. Contact us and discover our variety of e-commerce packaging options!

E-commerce packaging received just in time

LM Packaging offers its clients the possibility of just-in-time supply. You, therefore, don’t need to have immense storage space for your e-commerce packaging products. Orders are manufactured within a maximum timeframe ranging from 7 to 15 business days. Your orders will be ready and delivered when you need them. You will therefore have all your e-commerce packaging at the desired time without excess clutter in less busy times.

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