Industrial Packaging

Solutions – Some products require more attention and several crucial processing steps. Thanks to our industrial packaging, you will have peace of mind when your products move from one department to another or from one factory to another.

Industrial packaging specialist in Canada

Whether we’re talking about heavy and resistant objects or fragile high-tech products that require special attention, we’ve developed unparalleled expertise in industrial packaging. Often non-standard and having a specific reason to be packaged beyond aesthetics, industrial packaging can be very complex and risky if the wrong protection items are used. Whether it’s for inter-factory shipping needs or maximum protection for your product, LM Packaging can create the perfect industrial packaging for you.

Winner of the PAC Leadership Award 2015 and the Corrpak international award in 2016 in the industrial packaging category, our electrical terminal packaging is a great example of the possibilities that our design and protection techniques offer. Created to transport terminals individually or in groups of 12 from one factory to another, the packaging offers maximum protection with exemplary simplicity. Thanks to our techniques, the client can quickly package and repackage the terminals after they have been dyed. Since these items are fragile and must not be damaged in any way, the strength of the protective packaging is the most important development criterion during creation.

Innovative industrial packaging:
Cost Reduction and Eco-Friendliness

Whatever product you ask us to package, the most important factor at LM Packaging is to respect our client’s most important need. For example, this need might be to reduce the number of items in inventory or to optimize transport space in order to save money. Each industrial packaging development is unique, since each of our clients is as well. We prioritize eco-friendly practices by utilizing recycled cardboard and sustainable packaging materials, ensuring minimal environmental impact while maintaining the best protection for your products. Rest assured that we never overpackage, aiming to strike the perfect balance between functionality, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

You will be surprised by what we can do with corrugated cardboard! Our specialized cutting equipment allows us to achieve the flexibility and precision afforded by styrofoam, but at a fraction of the price and with unparalleled rigidity! Not requiring any moulds or tooling, it’s possible to make modifications to the measurements and shapes in just a few minutes without incurring additional costs. Corrugated cardboard can be extremely resistant. For industrial packaging, for example, cardboard blocks are very popular, in addition to boxes, U-channel, and lightweight panels. Combining different grades of cardboard in a specific order allows us to offer you significant resistance so that your product remains intact. Regardless of the weight of your product, we will create the ideal protection for you.

In fact, cardboard can replace any material: wood, plastic, foam, etc. Our industrial packaging techniques are advanced and pioneering. Reduce your costs and become eco-friendly thanks to cardboard!

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