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Industrial packaging

Packaging solutions – Some products require both special attention and several crucial manufacturing steps. Thanks to our industrial packaging, you will have your mind at ease when moving your products from one department to another or from one plant to another.

Put your trust in THE industrial packaging specialist !


Whether it is heavy and resistant products or fragile high technology that needs particular care, we have developed an incredible expertise in industrial packaging. Usually not standard and having a specific reason of using packaging, beside aesthetic needs, industrial packaging can be complicated and dangerous if wrong packaging products are used. Whether it be for inter plant transportation or for a maximal of protection, LM Packaging is able to create the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Example of our industrial packaging 

Winner of the 2015 PAC Leadership Award and of the International 2016 Corrpak Competition in the industrial packaging category, our electric terminal is a great example of our way of conception and techniques. Design to transport individual or group of 9 terminal, from a plant to another, the package is offering a maximum of protection in a remarkable simplicity. With this way of working, our customers can easily pack and unpack the terminals for the painting steps. Since this product is fragile and can absolutely not be damaged, the toughness was the most important criteria in that development.

Why choose our industrial packaging? 

Whatever your products are manufacturing, the most important criteria of package development is the one decided by our customer. This could be for example to reduce transportation place needed or for inter plant transportation. Every industrial packaging is unique since every customer have their own goal and challenge. In addition to that, we are always offering an ecologic package with our 100% recycled and recyclable material and our thinking of never do over packaging.

Our specialized cutting equipment are giving us the same flexibility and precision that you find in styrofoam, but at an fraction of the price and an incomparable rigidity! Needing absolutely no mold nor tooling investment, it is possible to make modifications in only few minutes, and that, without adding fees to your industrial packaging.

Discover industrial cardboard packaging! 

It is important to understand how cardboard can be tough. The combination of different types of cardboard, in a particular order, can offer impressive resistance. Whatever weight of your product we will create you personalized block in a perfect fit! We are talking about blocks since this is the most popular item used in industries. Boxes, U-Channels and lightweight panels are also popular items.

In fact, corrugated cardboard can replace any material: wood, plastic, foam, etc. With corrugated cardboard, you will be sure to be green but you will also make some economies! Cardboard is a lot lighter than wood, for example, which affect transportation costs and it easy to dispose.

Our packaging techniques for industrial packaging is more than improved and forward-looking. Reduce your costs and become ecologic with cardboard. You won’t have anymore restrictions!

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