Custom Cardboard Packaging & Boxes

Regardless of the weight, shape, or fragility of your product, corrugated cardboard is the only protection you will need for your custom packaging. We can easily combine the cardboard with other components, and the number of possible layouts and box styles are virtually infinite. At LM Packaging, all our custom packaging is created according to the specific needs of our clients. Discover our wide range of products and custom sizes. We’re proud to have offered fast, personalized service for over 25 years. 

Custom packaging to offer your products the right protection

To protect your entire product or to strengthen the protection of its more fragile components, custom cardboard packaging is a must. It can be combined with a recyclable foam film to protect surfaces from abrasion. It can also be used in block form to perfectly cover the free space to eliminate the risks of impacts. For very heavy objects, the same principles apply. We can add as many layers of cardboard as necessary to ensure perfect protection. We will develop custom packaging according to your product and the intended use of the packaging. 

Custom packaging: simple and versatile

We’re aware that each product has its own characteristics, and that each of them must be taken into account. To do this, we have developed product categories to highlight all the possibilities that our custom cardboard solutions offer. 

A custom cardboard solution to prevent excess packaging

Out of concern for the environment, LM Packaging develops simple and effective packaging solutions. Our goal is to avoid over-packaging a product while offering maximum protection within the proposed budget. Our on-demand box service lets you receive custom cardboard packaging products while ordering small quantities.

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