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Custom cardboard packaging

Packaging solutions – Design protection products is our speciality! All custom-made designed, our cardboard products will be adapted according to the shape and needs of each of your products. No more space losses nor over-packaging!

Let’s create your next custom cardboard packaging together! 


Whether your product is heavy, fragile or with uncommon shapes, a custom cardboard packaging solution is the only protection you need. With its flexibility to be combined with other components, cardboard offers you thousands of custom packaging solutions. At LM Packaging, all our products were designed to be cut-to-size. We are proud to offer a fast and personalized service for all our cardboard products with reasonable minimum quantities.

Custom cardboard packaging is our speciality!

We know that every single product has its particularities and that each of them need to be considered seriously. To achieve that, we have developed different categories of products to help customers better understand the packaging industry: blocks, u-channels, boxes, lightweight panels, sheets, Smart Tote, corners, pallets and of course custom cardboard packaging solutions.

In every industry and thanks to their versatility, corrugated cardboard blocks are a must. For fragile products or parts, it is possible to add a recyclable foam film to maximise the protection of surfaces and create a bloc to perfectly cover all the empty spaces and reduce impacts. When it comes to heavy products, based on your product and use, the same process is applied while adding the fact that we are able to add many layers of cardboard to insure infallible protection.

Why choose us for a custom cardboard packaging?

Our custom cardboard packaging solutions are really flexible and can easily be adapted to any protection needs. Our equipment allows us the opportunity to make any protrusions or shapes so that our custom packaging fits perfectly. Your perfect protection could be a block but can also be as simple as a sheet with lines and whole at the right place. LM Packaging is an expert in custom cardboard packaging development and excels in keeping overpackaging to a minimum all the while respecting your budget.

We also offer an on demand boxes service that allows you the opportunity to order small quantities of the exact measurements required. This service is truly appreciate by customers that are also manufacturing on demand products.

In conclusion, custom cardboard packaging will always be the perfect partner for high technology products.

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