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Corrugated cardboard gives the impression of being a very simple material with few variations. However, it is quite impressive to realize the almost endless limits of corrugated cardboard.

From the most far-fetched projects, such as a cardboard chair, to the basic yet essential protection of a simple cardboard sheet, the LM Packaging team is there to help you achieve your goals thanks to our various cardboard packaging products.

Designed for shipping products that are sensitive to temperature changes.

Cardboard blocks are a perfect substitute for the strength of wood and the flexibility of polystyrene.

Our cardboard boxes will be delivered to you in the desired amounts and dimensions.

Whether it’s to support the weight of your products, protect them, or fill a gap… 

Cardboard corner protectors are the perfect protection to save time, space, handling, and money.

Strong and durable, in addition to offering you visibility on your job sites.

Cardboard sheets will let you add suitable protection to your products.

Ideal for the safety of your employees, cardboard pallets are durable, lightweight, and easy to handle.

Ideal for thin and fragile products, U-channel can also be turned into a display.

Our customizable packaging products

Whether it’s to optimize your ways of working, revise your working methods, or protect a new product, we have a multitude of types of customizable packaging products that can meet your needs. 

In fact, our products are grouped into seven main families: corner protectors, U-channel, blocks, boxes, sheets, lightweight panels, and Smart Totes. Each family represents the basic form of the product, to which several modifications have been made to optimize their handling according to various client needs.

produit de carton alvéolé - honeycomb cardboard products

Our packaging development service

At LM, each packaging product has been created and modified according to the client’s end use. Since our team is always willing to take on new challenges and on the lookout for new innovations, it goes without saying that the product families will only get bigger! 

Our development service is there to guide you through these products and advise you on the best packaging products based on your needs. All our products are made from 100%-recycled and recyclable cardboard, and they offer you a shipping freedom that other materials can’t.

Each product brings many advantages to the packaging process and can offer you many savings. Learn more about each packaging product family in this section!

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