Cardboard Blocks

A perfect combination of the strength of wood and the flexibility of polystyrene is possible thanks to cardboard blocks! From the strangest shapes to the heaviest items, our cardboard packaging will be able to adapt to your reality!

Cardboard blocks: super-resistant cardboard packaging!

Whether it’s to support the weight of your products, protect them, or fill a void in a package, our cardboard blocks are simply indestructible. By combining the resistance of cardboard with the strength of corrugation, this cardboard packaging can support impressive weights. They have already proven themselves and are ready to take on any challenge!

What is a cardboard block?

A cardboard block is actually an overlay of several cardboard sheets that makes it possible to achieve the desired thickness. Shapes can be cut into them so that they fit your product perfectly. Cardboard blocks can essentially be compared to styrofoam for their versatility, but in an eco-friendly version, since our cardboard is 100%-recycled and recyclable.

The advantages of our cardboard blocks and packaging

With more than 25 years of experience in the protection field, LM Packaging is able to provide you with the best solution for your needs or simply satisfy your desire for improvement thanks to our custom protection.

Whether your challenge is to package an unconventionally shaped item or to achieve great impact resistance, our team is there to help you develop the optimal packaging, both in terms of labour and material. The resistance of cardboard is too often underestimated. When we understand how to assemble it, corrugated cardboard can be as resistant as wood, but without the ecological and distribution constraints that the latter entails. As a dynamic team, we tested the limits of cardboard by building a cardboard chair. It supports more than 320 lb. Our team also pushed the capacities of this material even further by raising a car on cardboard blocks. As you can see from the photos, the tests were conclusive.

In addition to its great resistance, our facilities allow us to create unlimited shapes out of cardboard. Blocks offer the possibility to package products without them touching each other, as if a mould had been made from your product.

In short, blocks represent the perfect combination between flexibility and resistance. Thanks to corrugated cardboard, LM Packaging will surprise you with incomparable solutions!


Designed for shipping products that are sensitive to temperature changes.

Our cardboard boxes will be delivered to you in the desired amounts and dimensions.

Whether it’s to support the weight of your products, protect them, or fill a gap… 

Cardboard corner protectors are the perfect protection to save time, space, handling, and money.

Strong and durable, in addition to offering you visibility on your job sites.

Cardboard sheets will let you add suitable protection to your products.

Ideal for the safety of your employees, cardboard pallets are durable, lightweight, and easy to handle.

Ideal for thin and fragile products, U-channel can also be turned into a display.

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