Cardboard Pallets

Packaging products – Ideal for the safety of your employees, cardboard pallets are light and easy to handle. In addition to reducing your shipping costs, they are fully recyclable, which will allow you to make your space more cost-effective.

Save money with cardboard pallets!

Did you ever think that it would be possible to lower your shipping costs by reducing the total weight of your shipments without changing the way you do things? Let us surprise you with our cardboard pallets, and be proud to become more eco-friendly!

What is a cardboard pallet?

Made from a cardboard sheet and cardboard blocks, this product is very similar to a standard wood pallet. LM Packaging has two formats of cardboard pallets: two-way and four-way. As with all our products, we’re willing to customize your cardboard pallets to meet your shipping needs. They will be delivered to you by default with LM printing, but it’s possible to print them with your name. Used in most of our shipments, we’re convinced of the benefits that cardboard pallets can offer your shipping and receiving department.

Multiple benefits

Resistant, versatile, and light are the three words that best sum up the characteristics of our cardboard pallets. The total weight of this product is just 6 lb., so you can say goodbye to the risks of injuries due to handling. Despite their light weight, our cardboard pallets can support impressive loads. Indeed, the maximum load will be determined by the dimensions of your product, as well as the distribution of the weight on the pallet. One of our representatives will be pleased to give you more information. Another great benefit of our cardboard pallets is the fact that a pallet is ready to be exported as soon as it is manufactured, since no additional processing is required. Not only will this make your job easier, but it will do the same for your customer, since they are easy to dispose of. Recycled and recyclable, you will no longer have additional costs for the disposal of the packaging material, and you will be sure to comply with environmental policies, which are increasingly important in Canada. Finally, you can also say goodbye to excess weight during shipping and thereby reduce your associated costs.

Whichever benefit will have the greatest positive impact for your business, remember that LM Packaging is an innovative and flexible company that will allow you to achieve optimal solutions. A condensed version of these benefits can be found in the “Documents” section of our site, but you should know that nothing beats trying the corrugated cardboard pallet to see its benefits!

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