Why choose a thick honeycomb cardboard?

1 inch thick honeycomb cardboard Why choose a thick honeycomb cardboard?
Honeycomb cardboard is renowned for its many benefits, including their light weight, high resistance, capacity for shock absorption, and ability to effectively protect the goods they hold. Due to the exceptional lightness of the honeycomb cardboard, businesses that use it can significantly lower shipping costs. It is frequently advised to select a thick honeycomb cardboard when thinking about a packaging product.

Thick honeycomb cardboard : a good choice

A hive-like appearance is conferred on honeycomb cardboard by the presence of alveoli. Vacant spaces inside of packaging can be filled with this kind of cardboard. Its thickness can range from 6 to 150 mm.

The cardboard’s resistance level will directly depend on its thickness. For this reason, selecting a thick honeycomb cardboard is a wise choice when transporting heavy items like furniture or home appliances.

Thick honeycomb cardboard : protection against shock

Therefore, a thick honeycomb cardboard provides the opportunity to ship large objects while reducing the risk of damage during transport. Keep in mind that smaller, sometimes extremely fragile objects (like video game consoles and other electronic items) would also highly benefit from the protection provided by a thick honeycomb cardboard.

Choosing a honeycomb cardboard is a wise choice because it can be challenging to guarantee that no substantial shocks will occur during rail or road transport.

Customer complaints about receiving damaged goods are less common when using honeycomb cardboard. Preventing this issue reduces unnecessary financial losses because the replacement of goods sent represents a financial loss for any business.

Thick honeycomb cardboard replaces wood packaging

A thick honeycomb cardboard will have a resistance similar to more expensive materials like treated wood. Also , it ensures two benefits that wood does not: lightness and the potential for recycling. As a result, it can be used to create cardboard pallets that are as durable as wood pallets. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with this packaging product.

Despite the fact that thick honeycomb cardboard is not naturally resistant to fire, insects, or mould, it can be treated to be. It is also important to note that this treatment increases the thick honeycomb cardboard’s hardness, maximizing its capacity to effectively fulfil its protective role during the transportation of goods.

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