What does the future hold for the
packaging industry in 2023?

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The COVID pandemic significantly impacted the packaging industry, as it did many other business sectors. This unanticipated and unsettling time has resulted in a newfound awareness of environmental issues and a shift in consumption patterns, necessitating a reevaluation of how various goods are produced. The question that follows is: What will 2023 hold in store for the packaging industry?

Taking on Environmental Concerns

Consumers frequently criticize packaging for having an adverse environmental impact, which is made worse by the rise in online shopping during the pandemic and the requirement to avoid traditional retail. Therefore, recycling and overpacking requirements will need to be considered by the packaging industry. As a result, both the use of plastic and the use of 100% recyclable materials will be incorporated.

It logically follows that using recycled materials for packaging will cut down on the amount of resources used in the industry. In order to move forward with a reduction in the use of packaging products, the easing of the packaging will also be put forward. In order to address these new concerns, there will be a lot of innovation in the packaging industry, both in terms of how packaging products are made and how they are used.

The packaging industry and consumer behaviour

It is common for the population’s consumption patterns to change when a disruption affects society as a whole. This was the situation during the COVID pandemic, when many people opted to use e-commerce platforms to assure the delivery of various goods to their homes. The packaging for the items that are sent must be perfectly suited to their various shapes and sizes. Food, clothing, video game consoles, furniture, and many other items are among the products that are now delivered.

Consequently, it will be crucial for the packaging industry to employ a wide range of products to guarantee that the delivered goods are fully protected during their transportation:
This more diverse offer will not have to sacrifice the ergonomics of the packaging, for which a custom cardboard packaging and the use of recyclable foam will be more often considered options.

Honeycomb cardboard will also naturally impose itself as a logical choice due to all its advantages:
Flexible packaging will keep gaining ground in the packaging market because of the wider variety of products being shipped these days.

The packaging industry's rising demand

Due to its consistent growth over the years, the packaging industry stands out in the global market. As a result, the demand for product packaging is increasing, with e-commerce and its rising popularity playing a significant role in this development. This high demand will remain strong in 2023 as the purchasing power of emerging nations rises.


The use of digital tools will become more common in the packaging industry as a result of this expanding demand. New technologies will have an impact on the production capacity of companies working in this sector and, therefore, on their ability to meet demand.
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