How to reduce packaging costs

Emballage de carton sur mesure - Custom cardboard packaging
As packaging gets heavier, its cost rises and so does the price you’ll have to pay to send your goods. And no one wants to spend more money than what’s necessary. So, how can you reduce your packaging associated costs?

Choose a lightweight packaging material

It should be clear that not all packaging materials weigh the same. It is worthwhile to select a lighter packaging material because you will pay more for a package that weighs more. This will bring down your average packaging costs.

Since cardboard is so much lighter than plastic, you will gain from choosing it while also making an eco-friendly choice.

Selecting packaging materials that fit the package

Choosing a standard packaging often means choosing a packaging that is frequently too large and inappropriate for the shape of the good we are trying to ship. As a result, costs are higher than they would be if the packaging product had been better adapted to the actual size and weight of the package.

For anyone looking to lower the average cost of packaging, using a packaging product like a custom cardboard box is an interesting strategy option. You’ll stay away from overpacking and the associated extra expenses that come with it. The good news is that there are a variety of custom packaging options available, including sheets, pallets, light panels, blocks, and many others.

Let’s not forget that a package that is not overpacked requires the workforce that is in charge of this step to mobilize less time to pack it. By doing this, you’ll be able to lower packaging average cost.

Keeping things simple will lower the cost of packaging

Some businesses want to include little extras in packages they send out to customers as a way to give them a discount or to present items that go along with the one they just bought.

The intention is not to give up on this type of marketing tactic, but it is crucial to determine whether it is profitable for your company. The game is probably worthwhile if the conversion rate is high of this tactic is high. Otherwise, giving up this marketing tactic would be a simple way to lower the average cost of packaging by lowering the size and weight of the package.

Even if all signs point to the fact that your customers do notice these small extras in your packages, printing your business’s offers or promotions directly on the cardboard could be a better solution to lower price and get more free exposure at the door step of your client.

One supplier could be the key

Although it could be true that sourcing your packaging needs from multiple vendors will increase competition in your best interest, we all know that big orders frequently qualify for advantageous discounts.

You will not only be able to lower the average cost of an emballage and buy large quantities of packaging products at discounted rates as a result of this, but you will also benefit from the following advantages:
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