Honeycomb Cardboard : why chose it?

honeycomb cardboard Honeycomb Cardboard : why chose it?
Honeycomb cardboard is a type of cardboard that is renowned for being much sturdier than standard cardboard. Honeycomb cardboard also has other benefits that make it a product worth considering when it comes to fulfilling your packaging needs. You can find all the information you need here!

Honeycomb cardboard: numerous applications

Honeycomb cardboard is versatile because it can be used for a variety of things. In addition to carrying goods, this kind of cardboard can :

Thanks to honeycomb cardboard, costs were reduced

A business should strive to reduce its costs because they can be significant and must be paid. Honeycomb cardboard can assist in their reduction. The great lightweight of cardboard should be noted right away because it means that packages packed with it will weigh much less than those packed with another packaging material, like wood.

You will then get a product equally protected, but at a lower shipping cost. Additionally, the packaging’s resistance helps prevent returns brought on by the consumer receiving a broken or damaged goods.

This is an advantage to consider for a company or organization that wants to avoid unnecessary spending and allow its financial resources to be used wisely, i.e. to ensure its growth over time.

Why is there such resistance to honeycomb cardboard?

Because it is made up of so many alveoli, honeycomb cardboard is incredibly strong. It keeps its shape and doesn’t collapse because each one of those alveoli is filled with air. Given that it can even be used to make furniture, this resistance is undeniable.

Cardboard chairs that you can sit on without the threat of colliding? The Honeycomb cardboard makes it possible. Let’s not forget that this type of cardboard is a superb thermal and acoustic insulator due to its remarkable strength.

Are you interested in learning more about honeycomb cardboard? You will be convinced to support this novel packaging product after reading our explanation leaflet!
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