Box packaging design : how to get started?

Conception et design d'emballages de carton - Cardboard packaging design conception
Whether the intention is to modernize or update an existing packaging or to create a new one, the box packaging design must start with consideration of the company’s brand image, its values, its distinctiveness, and the characteristics of the products packaged.

Designing your box with the brand in mind

Understanding the company’s brand image is essential when designing a box packaging. The brand is intended to serve as the process’s main pillar. Although packaging aesthetic appeal is important, the company’s core values must also be reflected in it. Integrity, first-rate customer service, or continuous product improvement are just a few examples.

Clarifying the message that one wants to convey to consumers is crucial if one wants the packaging to effectively communicate with the target audience. The first thing to think about when designing a box packaging is enabling the business’s assets to be displayed.

Cardboard box designing : how to get ahead of the competition

While a company’s values should be reflected in the box packaging design, it should also give that company a chance to stand out from its competitors. Finding out what the company’s unique selling points are is necessary. Why does it maintain its exclusivity and what distinguishes it from the competition?

At this stage, it’s possible to have a solid understanding of the packaging’s general design and the elements that would be displayed on it, such as:

Design of a cardboard packaging : a distinctive logo

A cardboard packaging design should be built around a recognizable image if it hopes to make an impression on viewers. Choose a unique logo to avoid any confusion with the logos of other businesses.

Design of a cardboard packaging : important information

When designing a cardboard packaging, the following elements should be taken into consideration in addition to selecting the logo and graphic elements that will be used on it :
Always keep in mind how important it is to select a high-quality box that is precisely suited to the product’s characteristics. Customers are likely to perceive the careful packaging and safe delivery of the delivered goods as a sign of professionalism, which is advantageous for keeping their business.
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