Arctic box

The totally recyclable isothermal box

Get Get Impress your customers with our fully recyclable insulated food box; a unique product on the market!

What is the Arctic box?


Tested under a variety of conditions, the Arctic Box is designed for the shipment of temperature-sensitive products such as prepared foods, fruits and vegetables, smoothies, meat, and more!

The Arctic box consists of 3 separate parts for a maximum protection: the container, made of moisture-resistant cardboard, as well as two insulating parts, made of air cells and a fully recyclable film. This packaging has been thought and designed to ensure quality delivery to its final destination.

Enjoy the benefits of our insulated box!


The Arctic Box is the only one in its class that requires no manipulation to be recycled. Indeed, its insulating film is 100% recyclable. Refined like a real cooler, it is also customizable by printing.

The delivery time, the type of product and its direct packaging are elements that we considered during the development of this cooler. As a honeycomb manufacturer, LM Packaging is well equipped to offer you an optimal solution adapted to your needs. The LM cardboard offers high quality insulation that preserves the freshness and quality of food from the order to the delivery to your customer.


A durable, clean and resistant product; here is our promise!


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