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The ideal packaging

The window and door industry offers unique products: they are strong and durable while remaining sensitive to handling. The products are often exposed to various shocks on the sites as well as during transportation. By performing their daily tasks, workers can hit, scratch, or even splash off plaster products or other materials that could damage your doors and windows.

Considering the high replacement costs in case of damage, our product range offers a solution for the prevention of such risks. Being in close collaboration with recognized companies, we have developed solutions specifically adapted to the needs of the window and door industry.

Do you know of other alternatives or what type of protection to use for your project? Learn about our two distinct custom products:

1. The door protection: to be displayed while protecting itself

Is there anything worse for you, as a doors and windows manufacturer, than accidental damage that you or your workers are responsible for? Time and money are needed to repair them and that reduce your budget? We have the solution for you !

Although some companies offer a temporary door service including the installation of a low-end door waiting for the door chosen by the customer, this requires management as well as significant investments. In search of savings and simplicity, companies turned to our cardboard solution. Not only did they reduce their management of doors, packaging, handling and transportation, but they also bought a free advertisement that will be visible for several months, that is, throughout construction !

LM Packaging has an exclusive product that protects both the paint, thanks to a foam film included on the cardboard, and the door itself, thanks to the triple printable cardboard with your logo. Quickly installed at the end of the production line, you only have to remove it when the project is delivered.

2- The protection of brick molding

Brick molding is the fragile part used around a door or window, between the wall and the door or window. Although its original purpose is to fill voids, it also serves to hold the window in place and fix it in the desired location. Unlike our protection, the traditional systems of protection of this molding are complex and require an additional logistic cost in order not to destroy or degrade its initial state. Our brick molding protection is therefore a major advantage on construction sites.

LM packaging has therefore decided to use its experience to introduce this protective product based on honeycomb cardboard. It is characterized by its speed of installation, its lightness and its simplicity of installation, while offering a protection superior to the wood traditionally used.

Our product is made from high quality material and can match all shapes and sizes of products.

As a packaging specialist, LM Packaging is your competent partner for innovative and high quality packaging. Has your current provider explored all the ways to reduce your costs and increase your margins? LM packaging brings you the solution!

Find out how you can eliminate your puzzles and simplify your management. Lightening your expenses and increasing your visibility has never been easier!

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