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The ideal packaging 

As you know, the door and window industry offers a very special product category: it is solid and resistant but also very fragile. This type of product is really sensitive to handling and is exposed to high risks. Products can be exposed to shocks during transport and on the construction site. When performing their everyday tasks, workers can unintentionally damage your products with tools and other materials. They can get scratched and splashed with paint or plaster. When the final customer arrives, you need to deal with all those potential problems… A lot of extra management and costs!

That being said, we took the time, with our customers, to study how this could be reduced or even better, avoided. We created a completely new and innovative family of products, dedicated specifically for doors and windows. Doors and windows can now be efficiently protected thanks to these two products that are completely new on the market!

1- Temporary Door Protection 

Is there anything worse for you, as a door and window manufacturer, than dealing with incidental damages that you or your workers are responsible for? Time and money are necessary to repair them, and that eats into your budget? We have the solution for you!

Most companies offer a VIP service that includes the installation of a cheap door while waiting for the end of the construction. This service requires considerable investment and management efforts: you need to get a door, transport it, install it which incurs more management and much more. Well-known businesses have just switched over to our temporary protection, and they are much happier now that they only have to deal with cardboard. Not only have they reduced their door management, packaging, handling and transport cost, they have also bought free publicity that will be exposed for many months, meaning throughout the entire construction process.

LM Packaging has an exclusive product that temporarily protects the paint with a film of foam that is directly glued on the cardboard and the door itself with two triple layered cardboards. In addition, these sheets can be printed with your logo, hence the free advertising. Quickly installed at the end of the production line itself, you will only need to remove the cardboard sheet when the delivery date arrives. No extra time nor money!

2- Brickmold Protection

Brickmold is the fragile part around doors and windows that is used to fasten the product to the wall. As an essential element of the installation process, this part needs to be properly protected from your plant to the construction site. Traditional protection for these parts is complex and requires additional logistic fees; we are, of course, talking here about custom wood packaging.

LM Packaging has decided to use its latest product on the market, honeycomb cardboard, to create the perfect and light brickmold protection. Characterized by its lightness, quick installation and simplicity, the quality is far greater than wood.

Our product is manufactured from high-quality material and can be customized to any shape and size. As packaging specialists, LM Packaging will be your partner for innovative and performant protection. Does your current supplier explore ways of reducing your costs and increasing your benefits? We can and will do it with you.

Discover how you can eliminate headaches and simplify your management. Reduce your expenses while increasing your visibility will never be so easy!

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