Cardboard U-Channel

Packaging supplies – Developed for thin and fragile products, our cardboard U-Channels can also be turned into displays ! Flexible and sturdy, they are the perfect element for efficient packaging !

Protect every products with the cardboard U-Channel

Our U-shaped protection products are remarkably versatile and resistant. Simple to use and delivered to the required measurements, they are essential for the packaging of fragile merchandise. They are also available in 2 variants: U-Kings and Pre-cut.

What is a cardboard U-Channel?

Cardboard U-Channel was first developed to protect window panes. Covering the edges of your products, the U ensures maximum protection against impacts. From the smallest fragile objects to the big heaviest wood or metal parts, the U resist impressive loads! In addition to their extremely rigid edges, they can be covered with polyethylene inside to protect fragile/delicate surfaces. Despite their high stiffness, the cardboard U-channel also offers unparalleled flexibility, up to 180 degrees, to match the shapes of your unique product.

Cardboard U-channel: beneficial possibilities

Cardboard U-Channel are U-shaped protective pieces that can be manufactured to your specific needs. Our installation and expertise allow us to offer multiple advantages to our customers such as improved packaging times, reduced returns and damages, SKU packaging minimization, reduced handling, labour optimization. Custom-made, our U-channels can be adapted to your unique needs. The length of the sides of the U can be different in order to adapt to your reality.

Whether it is for interplant transport, individual packaging for internet sales, overseas shipment, bulk or pallets, we offer a customized solution. These benefits are available for all cardboard U-channel variants.


The U-King is one of the possible variants. With the puzzle cut shape, the U-King lets you create a perfect corner in seconds. Easily cut to the desired length, you can optimize your operations and reduce labour time.


As for the Pre-cut, it can be applied to regular cardboard U-Channel or U-King. This Pre-cut is easy to separate to the required length in seconds, no instruments needed.

Why choose our cardboard U-channels?

Finally, no matter what product you need to protect or whatever are your challenges, LM Packaging promises to be innovative in order to create the perfect and personalized solution!

With his puzzle-shape option, the U-King will give you the opportunity to create a perfect corner in few seconds. That U-king comes in bars that can be easily cut in sections, which will simplify your operations and reduce the manipulation.

The other variant of cardboard U-channels are the pre-cut ones. Like the U-King, the bars are easy to separate in the needed length in few seconds, without any tool.

Finally, whatever products you need to protect or whatever challenge you might have in your enterprise, LM Packaging is promising to be innovating in the creation of your perfect cardboard U-Channel.

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