Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Packaging supplies – Scored, folded, precut or simply printed, corrugated cardboard sheets will give you the adequate protection for your specific products.

As a surface protector,

you need our corrugated cardboard sheets ! 

Corrugated cardboard sheets is the basis of packaging. Despite their simplicity, when they are adapted to your reality, they can be more than enough to protect products from abrasion.

Corrugated carboard sheet’s uses 

Used as a surface protector for harsher environments or for interplant transport, for example, the risk of damage caused during handling can be reduced using the appropriate materials. One of the great successes stories of LM Packaging is our adaptable protective sheet for doors on construction sites. This corrugated cardboard sheet has been developed to fit any product.
With a single item of protection, a single sku, our customer can now protect all his end products and substantially reduce the risk of returns due to breakage.

Although simple, the corrugated cardboard sheet still has to go through our Research and Development Department to make sure to use the right protection you need for your end use product and at the right cost.

Classification of corrugated carboard sheets

It is important to know that there are several grades of cardboard. In order to classify them, they were attributed an alphabetical letter for the flute, that is, the size and spacing of the corrugation.

The number, on the other hand, represents the compressive resistance of the outer cardboard. This compressive resistance is the ECT: Edge Crush Test. For example, a customer can ask for a standard 200C (ECT-32) cardboard, which means the standard resistance is 32 pounds per inch. The higher the ECT number, the greater the resistance.

As for the letter, it is important to remember that the order of letter doesn’t necessarily go with the thickness of the cardboard, but rather according to the spacing and size of corrugation. You will also find double or triple letters which means that these sheets of corrugated cardboard have been glued together. A “BC” for example is a C sheet with a B sheet, this combination offers a greater protection force. We invite you to consult the attached file for more technical details.

Packaging LM team will be happy to recommend you the best corrugated cardboard sheets you need, according to the fragility and the weight of your product.

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