Cardboard pallets

Packaging supplies – Ideal for the safety of your employees, cardboard pallets are light and easy to handle. In addition to saving you freight costs, they are entirely recyclable and therefore will optimize your storage space.

Cardboard pallets are better than wooden pallets,

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Get happily surprised by corrugated cardboard pallets! Who told you it was mandatory to use a wood pallet in your shipping department? Nicely placed in storage space, you won’t have anymore puzzle of where throwing them away and you will be proud to say that you are going greener with our cardboard pallets!

What is a cardboard pallet?

Made of a corrugated cardboard sheet and blocks, this product just look like a wood pallet. Possible in two or four way, LM Packaging has its standards but is also as flexible in this category of product than the other ones, and is ready to make it on the sizes you need. LM’s pallet comes with printed sides but can also be personalized with your own design. Used in the majority of LM’s shipment, we are convinced of all the advantages to switch from wood to cardboard pallets.

Cardboard pallets: advantageous possibilities

Resistant, polyvalent and light are the three best words to describe our corrugated cardboard pallets. The total weight of this product is only 5 pounds; you can say goodbye injuries due to this kind of manipulations. Corrugated cardboard pallet can support a surprising charge for its lightweight. Depending of your product size and how the weight is distributed on the pallet (the maximum charge will be defined). Our sales rep or development team will be able to help you to determinate what is the best pallet for you.

Ready to export, it will also be easy to convince your customers to use them, since it will simplify all disposal process. Recycled and recyclable, you won’t have to pay anymore for disposal and be sure to be ready for ecological politics that are going more and more popular.
You can also say goodbye to extra pounds from wood pallets and than reduce your transportation fees.

Whatever advantage will bring you the most positive impact in your enterprise, remember that LM Packaging is always flexible and winning to make you an optimal solution. A short version of those advantages is available in our documents section, but know that nothing equals our cardboard pallets !

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