Cardboard boxes

Packaging supplies – Custom-made and at no extra cost, our cardboard boxes will be delivered to the desired quantity and size. Nothing better than personalized service and products !

Cardboard boxes

Packaging supplies

In need of cardboard boxes ? We got you covered ! 

From creating to printing your cardboard boxes, our installations and expertise are give us the opportunity to offer an outstanding service to meet your needs. Whether it is for our on-demand box service or for large production, our research and development department will suggest you the best option for you! Our graphic designer will guide you for your graphic design and information to print on your cardboard boxes while following your shipping standards.

What are cardboard boxes?

Despite the simplicity or the commonness given to a box, several options are offered to you; regular box, die cut, overlapped, 5 panels envelop, half box and traypad.

-The regular box (RSC) is the standard format we see in stores. The flaps are join the center to close the box.

-Die cut box is made from a die cutter. Like a pizza box, it is closes by sliding the flaps inside and offers a double protection on the sides.

– Overlapped box is a format whose box bottom and top are doubled since each flap completely covers the opening.

The 5-panel envelop is a type of box presenting itself flat and coats the products to be packaged while forming. The last flap covers the first one and allows to close the box easily. A good example would be wood floor boxes.

The half-box is a box without the flaps on the top, only the bottom. This open container can be covered with a traypad and create a closed box such as a letter-paper box.

Finally, the  traypad presents  itself as a sheet whose sides close on themselves to create a lid or half-box.

Beneficial possibilities

It is important to know that there are different types of corrugated cardboard. Depending on the product to protect, we will suggest you the right cardboard boxes that fit your needs. You will find more details about these types in our sheet section.

Our on demand box service is fast and allows you to order the exact quantity you need for each of your product, no minimum is required! In comparison with our large quantity production, on-demand box service cannot be printed but will be for sure at the right size and at the right time. As for producing boxes, they are made on different equipment from which we print your logo, handling information and your colours.

LM Packaging team will offer you as many options as possible in relation to your realities, objectives and supply constraints. Whether it is for our single box service or for large quantities, it will be our pleasure to find the right solution for you!

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