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Products – A perfect combination of wood sturdiness and styrofoam flexibility, it is possible thanks to the cardboard blocks. From the strangest shapes to the heaviest items, the cardboard will adapt to your reality!

Find the best cardboard blocks on the market !

Whether it is to support the weight of your products, to protect them or to fill an empty space in a package, our corrugated cardboard blocks are simply indestructible. By combining the cardboard resistance to the strength of the corrugation, cardboard blocks can support impressive weight. They have already proved their toughness and are ready to take up any new challenge!

What is a cardboard block?

A corrugated cardboard block is a stacking of many layers suited cardboard until the necessary thickness is reached. Some shapes can be cut to allow a perfect fit to your product. We could almost compare cardboard blocks to Styrofoam for their versatility but ecological as  our cardboard is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Replace wood ans styrofoam

Beneficial possibilities of carboard boxes

With more than 25 years of experience in the protective packaging industry, LM Packaging is fit to provide you with the perfect solutions to your needs, or simply your desire for improvement. Corrugated cardboard blocks are all custom made. Whether your challenge is to protect a non-conventional object or to obtain an heavy sturdiness on impact, our team is there to help you to develop the best packaging solution, both in labour and material.

The cardboard strength is too often underestimated. When we know how to assemble it correctly, cardboard block can be as strong as a piece of wood, without bringing ecological or layout restrictions. Being a dynamic team, we have tested the limits of our cardboard by building an armchair, which successfully supported 325 pounds. As if it was not enough, we decided to push the limit and drove a car up on two cardboard blocks. Like you are able to see on the picture, the test was also a success.

In addition to the cardboard strength, our installations give us the opportunity to create unlimited cardboard shapes. Cardboard blocks offer a packaging option as if it was moulded onto your product and protect them without contact.

In a nutshell, cardboard blocks, like most of our products, represent the perfect combination between flexibility and strength. Thanks to our corrugated cardboard products, LM Packaging will surprise you with our outstanding solutions.

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