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Corrugated cardboard is giving the impression to be a really simple material with not much options. It is surprising to realize the almost endless possibilities of it! From crazy projects such as a corrugated cardboard chair, to basic protection like a sheet of cardboard, LM Packaging team is there to help you reach your goals with our packaging product line.

Either it is to review your packaging process, optimize processes or find out new packaging products, we have a large variety of personalizable packaging supplies that will respond to your needs and more.

There is actually seven families of packaging products: corners, u-channels, blocks, sheets, boxes, lightweight panels and the Arctic box. Each family was based on initial shapes of the product where we made different versions of it to fit to our customers needs. Actually, all the products have been developed from a challenge to find the perfect fit for final use. Our team is always ready to take up new challenges and develop new packaging products.

Our R&D service is there to guide you through those products and give you advices for your best packaging solution. All our products are 100% recycled and recyclable.

Every product is offering advantages in the packaging processus and can bring lots of economies. Learn more about them and find your ideal packaging supplies in this section!

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