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Shipping supplies

Packaging solutions – Be sure that your product will arrive as you shipped them to its final destination ! Decrease product returns by using a suitable shipping supply.

Shipping supplies: The best way to ship your products !

Maybe not be as interesting as a colourful packaging, shipping supplies are even important since they will ensure protection of your product right to your customer as well as being environmentally friendly. Thanks to our cardboard protection, wherever you need to ship to, we will guide you to choose the appropriate protection to optimize packaging and space requirements.

How to choose the most appropriate shipping supply?

Shipping supplies must be adapted to the means of transport used and to the final destination.
For example, if you wish to send a parcel by express courier to Europe, the packaging will need extra protection and be ecological in order to avoid disposal costs or to be restricted by certain laws.

It is also necessary to take into account the number of items that will be sent within an order. This will determine the packaging size as well as the logistics for the packaging station. Being ecological is one of the biggest advantages of corrugated cardboard.

What is really impressive about our products, 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, is the combination between flexibility and sturdiness. Cardboard is easily comparable to wood and styrofoam. Our equipment allows us to properly wrap your product and therefore offer maximum protection without over packing it. In addition, the packaging weight itself will have very little impact on the total weight of your product and the associated freight costs.

Why choose us for your shipping supplies?

For shipping supplies, all our products can be used, but we will advise you which type of product will be best suited for your needs. To provide maximum protection to fragile surfaces, for example, items must be packed tightly with fairly thick components at critical areas.

With more than 25 years of experience, LM Packaging is a leader in packaging protection and shipping supplies. One of our most popular successes is the U-Thermos. For the purposes, we have adapted our traditional U-channel by adding an additional piece of cardboard in the centre of the U. This extra layer, thin or very thick, gives the U maximum protection against impacts. When a layer of foam is added, the protection becomes anti-abrasive. To learn more about it, we invite you to consult our portfolio.

In any industry, cardboard corners can also be used to protect edges. Either for doors or windows, you can use a small piece of corner or a bar full length, depending on your needs. Blocks can also be an option for additional protection.

The type of packaging product to be used will be determined by your needs and how it will be handled all the way to the end user. Do not hesitate to address us your questions and specify what are your worst conditions for an extraordinary result!

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