Packaging services – Designed to your specifications and in the desired quantities, our cardboard manufacturers offer a 7-day delivery of your personalized protection and packaging products.

We are cardboard manufacturers since 1992

At LM Packaging, there are no standards!

The company as become THE cardboard manufacturer of on-demand protection items. Thanks to our expertise and equipments, we are able to make unique products suited to your image.

Born to protect the furniture industry, LM Packaging has first been specialized in corners and boxes. With its innovative thinking, the team slowly started to develop other products such as u-channels, block, and lightweight panels. Each product have been developed to be easily customizable and help the packaging processes for each of our customers.

A cardboard manufacturer at your service! 

We are offering a just-in-time service, which means that we are keeping no inventory and that we don’t have any standards as cardboard manufacturers. This way of working is a good benefit for our customers since they can have products adapted to their reality with no extra fees. Whatever your need is, our team will guide you and even help you to develop packaging directly from your product.

Even if we don’t have any standard, we are still offering standard type of product such as boxes and sheets of corrugated cardboard. Our team will help you to find the right type of protection and also guide you in the printing information you may need. Our team will be able to give you more information about that once we get at the printing step in the development process.

There are really no-standard products at LM Packaging, but standard ways of working to make you do lots of savings and answer your problems in an just-in-time delivery! Put your trust in one the best cardboard packaging manufacturer across Canada.

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