Packaging services – Reinvent your way to pack and save ! A commitment our development team intends to put into practice for each of your packaging projects.

We create your own custom cardboard packaging design

No matter the industry you are working in, our team has more than 25 years of experience in the packaging industry. Unique shape, oversized weight or strong restrictions are all kind of challenges that we are used to cope with for your next cardboard packaging design.

In our vision of offering personalized cardboard packaging designs, we are suggesting you to take advantage of our R&D service to resolve any of your packaging challenges. Challenges can be: reducing times, material, space or costs, or either to create the perfect new cardboard packaging for the final destination (inter-plant, dicom, overseas, etc.)

Our conception service is really personalized. First of all, we will need our your development criteria such as: quantities, things to improve, budget, etc. From there, we will work based on the way your product will be used to reach its final destination and the exact goal of packaging. This could be, for example, to reduce your time of packaging by 10%. After this information is collected, we will bring one sample of your product in our plant to make our samples and ship it back to you packed in LM’s way. This will actually be our final test for the packaging design.

During the development of the cardboard packaging design, to offer you the best service, we will ask you to measure your product. The most important thing to know is to transfer us the measure in the right order: length, width and heights. No need to care about the extra protection inside or even the cardboard thickness. With the measure of your product, we will take charge of everything. After that, depending of the manipulation and installation, we will suggest you the best cardboard packaging design for your needs.

Our innovative thinking makes us up ready to push our limits and find new ways and materials. New techniques are developed to optimize cardboard packaging design and material replacement like styrofoam, reducing costs, quantities of items and packaging time.

Be confident in our development team and see few of our success stories in the portfolio section. You will have a first look on the endless possibilities that can be made with corrugated cardboard!

Cafection – Before and after
Bloc foam – Before and after
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