Cardboard manufacturer

At LM Packaging, there are no standards!

The company is now THE cardboard packaging manufacturer across Canada for on-demand protection items. Thanks to our expertise and equipments, we are able to make unique products suited to your image.

Born to protect the furniture industry, LM Packaging has first been specialized in corners and boxes. With its innovative thinking, the team slowly started to develop other products such as u-channels, block, and lightweight panels. Each product have been developed to be easily customizable and help the packaging processes for each of our customers.

Cardboard packaging design

No matter the industry you are working in, our team has more than 25 years of experience in the packaging industry. Unique shape, oversized weight or strong restrictions are all kind of challenges that we are used to cope with.

In our vision of offering personalized products and services, we are suggesting you to take advantage of our R&D service to resolve any of your packaging challenges. Challenges can be: reducing times, material, space or costs, or either to create the perfect new packaging for the final destination (inter-plant, dicom, overseas, etc.)

Our conception service is really personalized. First of all, we will need our your development criteria such as: quantities, things to improve, budget, etc. 

Our packaging services

LM Packaging, a flexible and innovative manufacturer, offers its main packaging services divided into two categories: packaging design, through our research and development expertise, and the manufacturing of personalized protective products.

Our research and development department will take on your packaging design. Our team will analyze your project in order to design the perfect protection for your product. Whether it is, for example, to reduce your costs or your labour time, we will offer you the right solution.

Why choose our packaging services? 

LM Packaging is a leader in simplifying packaging techniques and its components; which translates into substantial savings for its customers. We have worked with various companies for whom we have designed the best solution, either for a new product or an existing one, and substantial savings.

« We don’t only sell boxes; we also assist our customers. Before long, many companies will need to revisit their packaging processes to comply with the recycling laws (Costco is a fine example). Our products are made of 90% recycled material and are fully recyclable and repulpable. » adds Frederic Jean, President of LM Packaging.

Regarding our manufacturing service, our facilities as well as our ability and flexibility to produce small or large batches are undoubtedly more than significant advantages. 

We offer a single box service which allows you to order the exact number of boxes needed, no minimum quantity required and at no extra costs. We also produce high volume batches as well as customize your products.

Regardless of the volume, LM Packaging’s methods and products aim for eliminating cardboard waste, storage, handling and optimizing production. Furthermore, LM packaging delivery service allows you to receive your packaging products just-in-time.

Our sales representatives will to listen to your needs and will forward the information to our research and development department in order to offer you the best personalized service !

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