We are the carboard specialist since 1992

Founded in 1992 by the Jean family, LM Packaging was created in St-Francois-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud on the side of the old family-owned furniture company, Morigeau-Lépine.

When their main packaging supplier declared a strike and cut all deliveries, the Jean family, owners of Morigeau-Lépine Furniture, asked to their kids if they were interested in creating a new company specialized in corrugated cardboard packaging.With the help of his sister, brother and cousins, Frederic Jean, young president, created L&M Packaging, standing for Lépine-Morigeau.

By default, the first customers and area of expertise of L&M Packaging was the furniture industry. Through the years, the company was directed towards many different industries and progressed successfully with its young, dynamic and innovative team. Expanding quickly, L&M Packaging didn’t have choice to upgrade their facility two times, in 2000 and 2003.

LM and the furniture packaging industry


Unfortunately, L&M Packaging lost their main customer in 2008 when Morigeau Furniture closed down. Shortly after, L&M Packaging revisited its position and focus on developing personalised products instead of concentrating on specific industries. Since then, the company is focusing on material development, innovation and creation of solutions. This change, of course, have been marked by the suppression of the «&» sign in the company name and logo.

Since then, LM Packaging continues to grow and shine in its community and in the cardboard packaging industry worldwide. In 2015, LM Packaging participated in the Canadian PAC leadership award, a Canadian contest in packaging during which LM packaging won the Silver medal in the Corrugated Structural Enhanced Category. This recognition was only the beginning for the company since in 2016, LM Packaging submitted 2 applications to the international contest Corrpak and won the first place in each category. In addition to these prices, they won the prestigious choice of the public Corrbie Award «Best In Show».

Proudly bearing its slogan: Innovation, Solution, and Protection, these three values and philosophy make LM Packaging a company no one can forget!

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