Carboard boxes


Cardboard boxes


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Whether it is to support the weight of your products, to protect them or to fill an empty space in a package, our corrugated cardboard blocks are simply indestructible. By combining the cardboard resistance to the strength of the corrugation, blocks can support impressive weight. They already proved their thoughness and are ready to take up any new challenge!

What is a block?

A corrugated cardboard block is a superposition of many layers of adapted cardboard until it reach the necessary thickness. Some shapes can be cut to allow a perfect fit with our product. We could almost compare cardboard block to Styrofoam for their versatility but in an ecologic version since our cardboard is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Advantageous possibilities

With over 25 years of knowledge in the protective packaging industry, LM Packaging is set to give you the perfect solutions for your problems, or simply your willingness to improvement. Corrugated cardboard blocks are all made on measure. Either your challenge is about protecting a non-conventional object or to obtain an huge impact resistance, our team is there to help you to develop the best way to build your packaging, material or labour time vision.

The cardboard resistance is most of the time underestimated. When we know how to assemble it correctly, cardboard can be as strong as a wood piece, without bringing the ecologic and disposition restrictions. While being a dynamic team, we tested the limits of our cardboard buy building a chair, which supported successfully 320 pounds. Like if it was not enough, we decided to push the limit and have a car rolling on two blocks. Like you are able to see on the picture, this test was a success too.

In addition to that strength, our installations are giving us the opportunity to create unlimited shapes in cardboard. Block are offering strong package just like if it was mould on your product and protect them or touching each other.

In conclusion, block, like mostly of our products, represent the perfect combination between flexibility and resistance. Thanks to our corrugated cardboard products, LM Packaging will surprise you with our incomparable solution.

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